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APNA Channel (Punjabiاپنا چینل) is a Punjabi language satellite television channel broadcasting from Thailand. It was launched on 14 October 2004 and broadcasts entertainment programs in Punjabi. It also broadcasts English-language programs dubbed in Punjabi. APNA Channel is part of the APNA TV Network which also includes the news channel APNA News and the Seraiki-language channel Kook TV.

Watch Apna Live TV Channel

The major target viewership of APNA Channel includes Pakistan as the Punjabi language is spoken and understood by much of the population of Punjab. It is also understood in large portions of Sindh and N.W.F.P.; in regions where languages very similar to it or its dialects are spoken(such as Hindko and Seraiki). 

The Channel is also targeting the Punjabi-speaking communities from the Indian subcontinent, settled in Europe, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf region, the Far eastAfrica, and Australia. Apna TV has many viewers across Pakistan and Punjabi-speaking areas of India such as PunjabDelhi, Northern Haryana, Northern RajasthanHimachal Pradesh & a large part of Jammu & Kashmir.

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