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4 Steps Will Increase Your Blog Traffic

The most common question I hear from bloggers is "How to increase blog traffic.?" and also this is the most common complaint from bloggers who have recently started blogging. Why all they worried.? because their blog page views do not exceed 500 PV daily. So I decided to write a killer article about How to Increase Blog Traffic and mention the most important 4 steps to take part to increase blog traffic.
Note: I wrote this article after inspiring Daniel Scocco's 4 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic article.

4 Steps Will Increase Your Blog Traffic
Don't worry if your blog is not crossing to 500 page views daily so please take courage, work hard, be patient and follow these 4 steps that take an important role to boost web traffic. Remember increasing web traffic is not easy as new webmasters think but also it is not impossible you just need patience and write daily some useful. Let see and understand the 4 factors involved in increasing blog traffic.

Write Superb articles (Daily, weekly, Fortnightly)

Step 01: write a superb article daily, to do this you must google 01 hour daily to get the best idea, no matter if you can't write daily, you can write a fabulous article weekly and if this can't be too you must write a devastating article fortnightly. It means if you write/complete a superb article fortnightly you spend 10 to 15 hours. The article must match with your blog and brief your topic clearly, tell the advantages, disadvantages, solutions,s and also brief how readers implement it. A good article also boosts your blog SEO. 

network connecting

Step 02: Connecting (Social) is very important when you are just starting your blog give 30 minutes daily for networking and socializing. there are some popular and useful ways of networking:
  • Commenting on other blogs related to your niche.
  • Link other blogs in your niche.
  • Interacting with other blog owners via email, IM, or Twitter.
Always remember that your aim is only to develop a networking connection with other bloggers not to expect that other bloggers will link to you instantly and promote your website or blog. Give them respect for their work.

Promote your work

Step 03: Promotion is a very important factor to boost your web traffic. After publishing your article the first activity is to promote. You can promote your superb article in many ways. its needs 30 minutes daily.
  • Tell your friends via email, Social media, and advertisements.
  • Tell bloggers and webmasters related to your niche.
  • Ask a question to your network connections and offer them to discuss more.

Publish Normal posts 

Step 04: Don't forget to publish normal posts in the routine because normal posts are essential for your blog not only superb post or consider it in this way that your superb article is like a booster dose and routine posting is like oxygen so your blog will not alive only on superb posts. You can publish routine posts on various topics like:
  • Linking other bloggers and appreciate their work.
  • Inform your readers about news and new addition in your niche.
  • Ask your readers about new ideas.
  • Highlighted new tricks and ways that would be useful for your readers.

Superb articles and posts will give you more readers and increase your blog traffic while routine posts will engage your readers. These 4 Steps Will Increase Your Blog Traffic soon.

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