Most Important On page Seo Factors You Must Use

SEO is actually an art and technic to get customers, visitors, and sell products. Seo is necessary to show your posts/listings in the top result of search engines. There are many SEO factors that impact website search results and ranking. On-page SEO is one of them. Onpage SEO is most important for website ranking and must use the following on-page SEO factors in your posts.

Most Important On page Seo Factors You Must Use

Following on-page SEO Technics are very common and easy to implement. You must try to follow these factors during making a post. Mostly these factors will boost your search result. Let see!

1. post-title

The post title is 1st most important on-page SEO factor.  Post title describes what about your article. At the time of creating, your post title must use some of your website keywords, your post title not exceed 65 characters, and try to create different if there is already post titles appearing in search engine result. For example a website about cricket in India then your mostly post keywords are India and cricket. for more please read Precautions When Making the Page Titles.

2. Post content

The 2nd most important on-page SEO factor is your article. Your article must have more than 300 words to index and the best results in search engines. You must try to avoid copy escape and minimum use of unnecessary and helping words. Your niche is easy to read and understand for all internet users globally. Long post content of more than 2000 words will boost your search ranking as Google loves long, unique, and helpful articles to index in top search results.

3. media

Try to add a media (video/audio) file in your niche and all media file's name must have your main keywords or post title keywords because search engines can't read and index your media data, so the only way is the filename to crawl and index.

4. images with alt and title tags

Use your own created images and the same rules as media files but must use image alt and title text so web crawlers can index them and show them when image searching.

5. bold and italic words

You must bold 3 keywords in your post and also italic 3 keywords. Search engines crawl Bold and Italic words because they show as important words.

6. use post link

Minimum linked 1 keyword of your post to the same post link. It's the most important on-page SEO factor and be sure that this link building is not internal or external link building. You link the keyword with the link of the post you are writing.

7. internal backlinking

You must use internal link building in your post. The keywords that are related to your other posts link them with their post links. It's called internal link building.

8. external backlinking

If your post has some words about other websites link them with their posts like if you use google word more than one time you must link a minimum of one time to the google home page.

9. avoid unnecessary java and flash files

JavaScripts and flash scripts may cause slow page load so avoid unnecessary java and flash scripts to use in your posts.

10. FAVORED backlinks 

It is most important and strongly recommended to use other webmaster's back-links in your post so they also linked you in return. This is original, organic, and the best way of getting back-links.

11. Post Description

Well, describe your article in 150 to 160 characters with using maximum uses of keywords because search engines especially Google only show 160 characters and if you leave it then web crawlers use your post's 1st paragraph as a description.
Option: Count description and title characters.

final words

These on-page SEO factors are most important however there are many more factors to use but these are common and necessary. After the read, you may be noticed that all of the on-page SEO factors are easy to use and no extra skills you may need.

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