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Imonomy In Image Ad Network Review

Imonomy is an Online advertisement network. Imonomy says that they pay the highest CPM & Incremental revenue ad network across the globe. The system ensures effective monetization, make it count to your audience, places your inventory wisely, and keeps it smiling. Here Imonomy ad network review for publishers.
Imonomy In Image Ad Network Review
Display an advertisement on your website is the best source of income if your website has good traffic. The highest-paying ad network is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a very popular CPC (cost per click) ad network. While Google Adsense is giant but in some cases, google adsense alternatives pay better. 

With the advancement, new ways of advertising are adopted by ad networks. Imonomy ad network is one of them. They targeted the images of websites for advertisement. Images of content always attract readers and a study says that images in articles get more focused instead of words. So, Imonomy targeted images and integrate them to display ads on images. The unique way of advertising by imonomy ad network.

Imonomy was founded in 2012. Imonomy is basically an In-image ad network that displays ads on images. Imonomy ad networks display ads on images in four styles Strips, Cover, Flip and Tip. Imonomy accepts websites/blogs that have more than 2M monthly page views.
  • Registration - 100% Free 

  • Types of Ads Format 

    In-Image Ads.
  • Customizable Ad codes 

  • Relevant Ads 

  • Ads Fill-rate 

  • Reports 

  • Payment Terms 

  • Minimum Payouts are $50.
  • Payment Mode 

Imonomy Ad Network Details
Commission Type:CPM, Revenue Share.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment Method:PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
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