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Pakistan has become the 15th country in the World to adoption of cryptocurrency

Adoption of Cryptocurrency continually increases globally in 2021, with trade potency supported regional presence flow within the wake of recurrent bullish and bearish trends. The adoption of cryptocurrency by people in the world is gradually increased. 

Pakistan has become the 15th country in the World to the adoption of cryptocurrency

During this point, the blockchain Chainalysis devised a worldwide Crypto Adoption Index report that supported trading metrics. As per the report’s uncovering, Ukraine and Russia are ruling the crypto adoption bandwagon, way before tech-savvy countries like the USA, China, and Japan.

Some African countries standing in the top 20 list also. Kenya comes in 5th, South Africa at 7th, and Nigeria landed comfortably in 8th position.

In the Asia region, Pakistan has become the 15th country in the World to the adoption of cryptocurrency. This is a very great achievement of Pakistan in the light of digital currency. Thousands of Pakistanis want to legalize cryptocurrency in the country. In this matter, the strong voice and struggle did by Waqar Zaka. 

Pakistan ranked in Asia to adopt crypto

legalizing cryptocurrency in Pakistan is also necessary because many online and digital companies are now paying payments in cryptocurrency. 

According to Chainalysis, it's also estimated that Pakistan received more than USD 1.5 billion in crypto-cash last year, many analysts are hopeful that if transactions became easier it could be reached more in 2020-21. Below a screenshot of the list of central and southern Asian countries by received cryptocurrency from 2019 to 2020. According to the list, Pakistan stands in 8th position in its region.

Pakistan received billions usd in crypto cash

Aside from Pakistan, other Asian countries also showing stunning growth towards crypto adoption within the past 16 months. China comes in 4th, Vietnam at 10th, India 11th, Thailand 12th, and South Korea at 17th.

The Middle East is also progressing, regardless of the very fact that a lot of countries in the region still don't allow any activities connected to the blockchain.

Globally, businesses and buyers are getting more cordial blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in order that for leading online retail and payments players there was no choice left, to satisfy the demand.

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