How To Remove Add Friend Button and Add Follow Button on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social site nowadays. Everyone include me loves Facebook. It's the best platform to connect your family members, Friends, and Colleagues. Most companies use Facebook to promote their products. The main problem is you will receive dozens of friend requests and most of them you don't know it's a bad point of social sites and if you have no time to review all requests the amount of request grow and grow. 
How To Remove Add Friend Button and Add Follow Button on Facebook

So its best solution is to remove or hide Add Friend button from your timeline. with this trick, you can receive a friend request from your friends of friends only not from the public.
How to do this...??? This is very simple let's see how?

Remove Add Friend button:

To see what button that you are currently using you can preview your profile.
How to do it:
On your "Profile" click the small icon with drop-down beside the activity log, click "view as"

1. Preview of your Public Profile.

2. Add Friend and Follow Buttons.

The first screenshot shows you how to check your Facebook profile to appear publicly.
The second screenshot shows you how many buttons added to your profile. (Add Friend and Follow)

  • Click on the Privacy shortcuts button (Besides "HOME")
  • Click "who can contact me?"
  • Then on "who can send me a friend request?"
  • Choose "Friends of Friends"
You can see a screenshot of these steps below.....

You can see Add Friend Button Removed

Now you can check the preview of your profile the "Add Friend" button removed. Remembered with removing the "add friend" button is not to totally removed it your friends of friends will send you a friend request but not anyone can send you request.

If in case you don't have the "Follow" button on your profile just enable it.
How to do it: Go to
  • Account setting --> Follow (on the left corner) --> check "Allow Follow".

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