Lemar Tv HD New Updated Biss Key Frequency Code

Lemar tv is an Afghanistan-based live tv channel. Here is the New Update Biss Key of Lemar TV HD. Lemar TV is available on the Yahsat 1A satellite. Lemar tv is 4th most popular tv channel in Afghanistan. Here is Lemar Tv New Frequency and Updated Code 2017.

Lemar Tv HD New Updated Biss Key Frequency Code 2017

Lemar tv is a Pashto language channel that was launched on 15th August 2016 and is owned by MOBY Group (Tolo TV, TOLOnews, and FARSI1). Lemar tv broadcasts live Indian Premier League matches in Afghanistan. Lemar TV is available on the following satellite:

Lemar TV HD New Update Biss Key Frequency 2023
Yahsat 1A

Frequency: 12015 (MHz)
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27.500 (Ksps)
FEC: 3/4 (QPSK)
@ 52.5 degrees East
Polarization: Horizontal
Standard/Modulation: DVB-S2/8PSK

Lemar TV HD 12015 H 27500 Yahsat-1A (52.5°E)
Biss Key: 31 2D BA 18 74 1F 55 E8

Lemar TV HD New Update Biss Key Frequency 2021
Yahsat 1A
Frequency: 12015 (MHz)
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27.500 (Ksps)
FEC: 3/4 (QPSK)
@ 52.5 degrees East
Polarization: Horizontal
Standard/Modulation: DVB-S2/8PSK 

Lemar TV HD New Update Biss Key Frequency 2017


TP: 12015 H 27500
SID: 0642
KEY: 312D BA18 741F 55E8


Channel: LEMAR TV HD
Satellite: YAHSAT1A@52.5East
Frequency: 12015 H 27500
Format :MPEG4 HD Biss
Update: 21/04/207

Biss Key: 78 6A F4 D6 32 AB C5 A2


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