How To Make Money with Cloud Mining Website

Cloud mining is a cryptocurrency mining system. Cloud mining helps users in mining for bitcoins and other crypto funds without managing difficult hardware. In online cloud mining, the company holds, operates, and takes care of equipment, and users mostly are investors just investing in mining projects. The company shares profit with its investors as per their investment. 

A number of cloud mining websites claim to mine cryptocurrencies but the most of websites are fake. These websites actually work on High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). In which new users invest and old users get profit. The early investors and lead generators can easily earn.

How To Make Money with Cloud Mining Website

If you are searching for a real and paying crypto cloud mining website then today I'm going to review This is a free website to mine and users can withdraw their profit in crypto and fiat currencies. You can create an account here without any investment and start mining.

About Company is a new mining hash power provider, offering fiat mining in every range - for newcomers, small investors, as well as large-scale investors. The company is engaged in trading and speculation in the promising cryptocurrency market, through online exchanges.

In times of globalization, transcontinental business, and epidemics, blockchain technology is something that literally amazes with its activity, the price of bitcoin has risen to $50,000. We are in Hash://Tray and have always believed in the power of modern blockchain, so for the last 7 years, our team has been investing in and closely studying this area.

Our logic is simple: if we can succeed as a company, why not try the open participation model. This is how our new platform with huge successful experience was born. – Hash://Tray.

  • 7 years of experience in mining cryptocurrency.
  • More than 150,000 mining hardware are operating.
  • Mined more than 10K Bitcoin.
  • More than 170 employees and 11 mining experts maintain stable operation of mining equipment 24/7
  • 3 professional traders to help Bitcoin assets grow steadily.
  • Hashroom has more than $3 billion in assets which can help BTC Mining expand worldwide.
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How To Start Mining?

1. Sign up in

Sign up in

Enter your details in the signup form eg, Username, Password, confirm your password and click on the registration button.

2. Sign up Bonus

  • Creating an account, you will get free $30 as Mining Hash power to start mining, and mining automatically started. 
  • You will also earn +0.01% daily on your Investment bonus.
  • To the first filling of your balance, you will get 5% of your deposit.
  • For registration of the first 20 referrals, you will get a $50 investment bonus.
  • If your referral buys, invests, or deposits you will get a +3$ investment bonus for a subscription.

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

If you want to deposit in to get more hash power then you just click on "Top up" or on the dashboard.

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

In the Deposit or Buy miner section, you can see many payment procedures to buy your mining hash power. You can choose any payment method for a deposit. 

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

Now you select the amount you want to deposit, the minimum amount is $15.

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

After choosing your desired amount for investment click on the "Go to the payment" button

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

Now the system will display you the amount or coins quantity you need to deposit and just click on the "Further" button

How to Deposit and Buy More Hash Power

The last step is about the address details. You will receive the deposit address and amount. Just copy or scan the QR code and sent the requested amount. The system will automatically verify your deposit and add it to your account.

How to Earn More in MiningOneBitcoin offers all their users the to earn more through an affiliate marketing program. 

Company Hash://Tray provides a generous reward of 4$ for each registered person through a referral link, as well as deductions for a three-level affiliate program of 7% / 3% / 1% from the amount of each replenishment of the balance by the referral.

Withdrawal - Payment Proof

The minimum withdrawal limit is only $1. You can withdraw your mined and referral earnings after reaching the $1in your account.

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