How to Check Plagiarism: 8 Copyscape Premium Alternatives

How to Check Plagiarism Articles: 8 Copyscape Premium Alternatives

Being a blogger may be one of the passions of someone whose hobby is writing. Writing articles on a blog or website platform is very profitable because you can make money online on the Internet.

But did you know that being an article writer on a website has many challenges, one of which is that blog articles can be copied or copy-pasted on other people's websites manually or automatically (for example AGC blog articles)?

How to Check Plagiarism 8 Copyscape Premium Alternatives

What is Copyscape Premium Plagiarism Checker Tool

Copyscape is a tool available on Google search that allows you to check plagiarism articles or not on other people's websites or our own articles. So we can make sure the URL page of the website that we are checking is an original article or not.

If several sentences are really similar to other people's websites or blogs, the URL that we test will display some information about which parts are copied or similar to other people's website pages.

You can use Copyscape for free for types of articles in Indonesian or English or other languages. However, free Copyscape has limitations on displaying which articles are similar or detected as plagiarism and also has a limited number of URL checks on website pages or article posts.

If you want to use premium or paid Copyscape, then the limitations that you use in the free version you won't likely get in the paid version. You can check more article URLs and can display queries listing websites that are similar or detect more copy and paste.

How to detect plagiarism or copy-paste articles in Copyscape:

Go to the official Copyscape website at

Then enter the URL or domain of the article you want to check whether the paper is original or not.

Then hit the Go button

When it's finished, the display will be like below. If the article you checked is detected as original, it will look like this:

copyscape plagiarism checker result

In the picture above, the article posting page you checked did not copy and paste, it will display the information No result found for 4 Ways to Open Regedit or Registry Editor.

Alternative Tools Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

If you want to find a replacement for the Copyscape tool to detect article plagiarism, many tools provide services similar to Copyscape that you can try for Indonesian and English articles or other languages.

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

2. Plagiarism Plagiarism Checker

3. ProWritingAid Plagiarism Checker

4. Duplicatechecker - Plagiarism Check

5. CopyLeaks

6. Plagiarism Detector

7. Smallseotools - Online Plagiarism Detector

8. Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Final Words:

This is information about how to find out if you are copying or copypasting articles or not using Copyscape and the Alternative Copyscape Plagiarism Checker.

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