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How to write Meta Description in Blogger to increase traffic

A meta description also known as Meta Tags is an HTML element that gives a short description of the content of that page to search engines. Website visitors are unable to see it directly, but search engines like Google can see it and display the description in search results.

How to write Meta Description in Blogger to increase traffic

It is present in the head section of an HTML source as follows: The element "name" signals towards search engines like Google which element of the HTML code is defining (meta description). The attribute "content" then represents the content of this element, during this case, use the precise wording of the meta-description.

By inserting a short description of the post content in search results, you'll create awareness for your website and encourage users to go to it. Optimizing your meta description thus enables you to show your website in search results. For this purpose, you must choose your meta descriptions carefully. During search engine optimization (SEO), keywords that were included within the meta description were the most important ranking factor for search engines like Google.

But most website owners fill it with keywords instead of a description ("keyword stuffing"). So this type of meta description is not a helpful description for users. Therefore, Google decided in 2009 that meta descriptions should not affect the ranking of a site.

Nonetheless, optimizing your meta descriptions is an important task in SEO and online marketing, because it can raise your page's click-through rate (CTR) in search results. CTR is the ratio between how many times visitors saw your page in search results and how many visitors click on your page link.

With the help of a good meta description, you can increase your page CTR even your page has a low search ranking. Google considers those pages that have relevant content and users stay more time on the page, So the right use of meta description can bring positive impact on your page ranking, SEO, and traffic.

How to optimize your meta description

To improve the click-through rate of your website in SERPs, you should use meta descriptions carefully. It is most important that your description must be understandable about page content.

Keywords in the meta description aren't impacting page ranking and SEO but you should use few keywords in your meta description to get intension by visitors to increase your page CTR but your description must be in meaningful sentences and avoid keyword stuffing.

Using a call to action (buy, read, compare, download, etc.) in your description can increase page CTR Like if you are running an online shop, using "Order now!" in the description is more effective.

Use a separate meta description for each page of your blog. Visitors love those pages that have relevant meta descriptions about page content. Actually, meta description briefs the visitors that the solutions or information are present in the page content. So if you write a description of your page honestly it can leave a positive impact on your page CTR but wrong or stuffing description can decrease the site bounce rate and duration of time.

If writing a good meta description takes more time then you can leave it blank (as it is not recommended) and Google will automatically select meta description for your page. Google uses a text excerpt of your page as an outline, which contains the users’ search terms.

To get more attention the length of the meta description must below 1000 pixels or 160 characters (spaces included) as Google displays limits. You can check your meta description results by Click Here.


within the following, we've summarized the foremost details to think about when optimizing your meta descriptions for SEO and online marketing:

Provide a concise and understandable description of the page content.

Integrate the most keywords into a meaningful sentence.

Include a call to action.

Use special characters, if necessary.

Create a singular meta description for every page.

Don’t exceed a length of 160 characters. 

In summary: Meta description FAQs

What is the meta description?

The meta description of your blog page is shown in the SERP of search results and contains a short brief of a page’s content.

What should a meta description look like?

A good meta description is unique, defined exactly what a page is about, and, ideally, contains a call to action.

Are meta descriptions important?

Yes. Meta descriptions can increase the click-through rate, which can indirectly improve your rankings.

Are meta descriptions a ranking factor?

No, meta descriptions are no direct ranking factor but can impact your SEO indirectly.

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